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SharpBrows is a microblading training brand that was launched in 2014. Since that time thousands of students have taken this training and learned to make excellent, modern and natural microblading. The training covers all the needed information from preparing for the procedure, mapping the brows to brow patterns and aftercare. The training is constantly updated and from the end of 2019 the fourth generation of this training is available with the subtitle Light Microblading. After joining the training is available for 12 months.


SharpBrows Artist program - the best way to learn the newest and most natural microblading techniques.

Light microblading - Certainly the largest change in the world of microblading.
Compared to conventional approach Light microblading means that much less pressure is applied when cuts are made to insert the pigment into the skin. Due to that a larger amount of phases is needed - however, the duration of the process is cut shorter applying pigment and anesthetics at the same time. Brows made with Light microblading have the following concrete advantages:

- Lines are sharper, thinner and more precise.

- The retention of the pigments is much better.

- The result is natural (even from a very close distance).

When it comes to Light microblading very sharp u-blades are used to insert pigment into the skin throughout a much higher number of phases than with conventional methods. As a result of that, the risk that the blade would penetrate too deep is eliminated. In addition to that the amount of pain and unpleasant feeling for the client is much smaller, as well as there is practically no blood. Anesthetics are used only for clearing the upper layers of the skin from the blood (as it also presses blood deeper into the skin) and dramatically less for its' pain-reducing effect.

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SharpBrows Microblading training - only the best trainers that have proven themselves over and over again.

We are very glad and honoured to confirm that one of the Europe’s leading trainers - Siiri Tabri - trains microblading exclusively with Everyoung Corporation. She is constantly training with the top professionals of the world and trains every week on our live video trainings.

More about the trainer.  Siiri believes that designing and creating brows is a true form of art and thus takes microblading of each pair with the utmost care. Getting the brows or training by Siiri Tabri is a sign of flawless quality and exceptional artwork. Siiri has created more than a staggering 10 000 pairs of microbladed brows, the record being 20 procedures in a row projected to a large screen at a trade fair. She also has over 3000 live training students and many more thousands of online students. Siiri is known to follow the bone structure, facial features and natural brow hair direction of the client to a great extent, thus being able to create brows that look extremely natural, even if the initial situation is very challenging. As a trainer she is extremely patient, open and positive.

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Video material and workbooks

The complete training program is composed of over 4 hours of video material and 40+ pages of workbooks.


Structure of the training

  1. Full theory and background

    • Principles of the Light microblading with less pressure, more phases.

    • How to map the brows: location, brow shape, symmetry.

    • Brow patterns: backbone, beginning, transition, lower lines, upper lines.

    • Brow patterns: filling in the brow, importance of mechanics.

    • Microblading sales and marketing.

  2. Practical video demonstration.

    • How to take the before and after pictures.

    • Mapping the brows and checking symmetry.

    • Preparing the tool.

    • Creating lines: first phase, second phase, third phase.

    • Finalising the result.

  3. Live procedures.

  4. Workbooks (Brow Patterns Master BluePrint book, Artist 3.0 Workbook).


Business Perspective

Length of the procedure: 1.5 h; retention: 8-12 months; perspective sales price: 250-500€; your expenses per procedure: 10-15€.


Starter Kit*

SharpBrows Complete Workbook, SharpBrows 7 step system guide, Brow Drawing guide, Client materials, SharpBrows Microblading pro tool, U-blades (25 pcs), Classic blades (25 pcs) Dark Brown Cold Pigment (15ml), Light Brown Cold Pigment (15ml), HONEY (15ml), WARM BROWN (15ml), Makeup pencil - dark brown, Skin imitation latex (3 pieces), Golden Ratio Measuring Tool Artist 3.0 program Hygiene during the procedure, Hygiene at worksite, Colour Theory, Preparation and healing processes, Contradictions.

Price of the starter kit for students: 199€.
*-Starter kit is available to buy for students only.


Certification and the certificate

The training price includes online live consulting with the trainer and assessment. After successful assessment the student gets an official SharpBrows Artist certificate. Training price includes a high-quality certificate (A3 format) mailed to the student (worldwide).


Actual results

Here you can see actual results of the SharpBrows procedure completed by Everyoung trainers and students.


Some feedback from students

“As a trainer, Siiri was calm and very skilled and the training itself was practical and very versatile! ❤️ “ 
Eveliina Uosukainen / RoosaBrows

“Siiri was a skilled and very careful trainer, there could be no better hope! The whole training was complete every minute and very comprehensive. ”
Annika Kakko / KakkoBrows

“Siiri is an excellent trainer. I have learned so much advanced training and their time to better factor. Things are said straight as they are. So I know exactly where there is room for improvement. I have advanced significantly through the perfection training.“
Katriina Nora / KataBrows

“I was really happy with the training, there were professional trainers and an intensive course! There was a lot of information but I could still listen to it over and over again, first time it went so fast 😍 Greetings to an incredibly talented professional and a wonderful trainer 😊 A true microblading master! ”
Hanna Rissanen / SharpBrows Hanna

"The training was really good and I got very personal guidance. Siiri taught me well and patiently and I got a good starting point. The training gave good value for money and I don't regret getting involved." 

“Education exceeded expectations by 100%! The materials are of high quality, teaching is fluent, inspiring, stimulating and flexible with the student's skills and development in mind. The answer was everything you could ask for. Thanks in particular to Siiri, Siiri was able to concentrate on teaching in peace and never left alone. Finally, I did two models and the result surprised myself, and with peace of mind I am now starting my career as a microblading professional. I wholeheartedly recommend SharpBrows training, especially for the ones who are run by Siiri. Thank you!”

“The online material was very supportive like hands-on learning. Sincere tranquility and constructive, encouraging feedback created a pleasant learning environment. A really good and rewarding experience. ”

Kati V

"I liked the training and everything went smoothly and well 😊 Siiri never got nervous even though I messaged and asked the same thing many times, to be certain I understood😎 ”


“The training was very good and it was nice. I got help right away if there was a problem and Siiri also gave me advice right away if she saw something was going wrong. Siiri is very calm as a trainer and she can teach things so clearly that they sink in. I also liked the fact that the feedback was direct, and I immediately told me where the problem was and how to fix it. Very comprehensive in terms of education. Thanks !! ❤ It was a great training and it is good to continue from there. I highly recommend this course! 💝😊 “


"I really liked the training, Siiri really taught patiently and well, I'm now ready to start a career in microbladin. Of course, as long as I train first a little more on artificial skin."


“All in all, the training was really good, lots of material, however very rewarding. The trainer was very professional and nice. I got her full attention, didn't have to wait for advice. Materials on the web made it a lot easier. It didn't take so much time to get through theory in education, but we went straight to practice, which I particularly liked. The feedback from the trainer was overwhelming. I can warmly recommend this training to others as well. :) “


"The training was good and comprehensive. Well received feedback on how you did it, in both positive and negative terms. Siiri is very precise (and never nervous) trainer and got all the questions she asked. A big plus is that the trainer support is still there even after training and materials can be used on the web even after getting certified. ”


“Special thanks to the trainer! The training was very professional and comprehensive. All in all a very rewarding and comprehensive education! Now I dare start making brows!”


”The training was great! It was easy to work with Siiri. I learned a lot of new things. I can recommend Sharpbrows warmly to others. Thank you for your cooperation!”

Anita J

“The training was really comprehensive. Online material was really useful and necessary. I was able to concentrate fully on drawing and learning, when I had finished with the theory and that was “already in place”. The direct and honest feedback was good, which is why we want to improve and get better. Really satisfied with this education from Everyoung! I recommend Sharpbrows ”☺️


"The training was really great! There is lots of material and with direct chat there was enough personalized teaching. Siiri and the other support people are wonderful characters! Cheerful and fun!”


“When I became interested in microblading, I researched internet for a long time. Now after that training, I finally became a Sharpbrows microblading artist👩  ‍🎓 THANK YOU a lot to SharpBrows trainers! ! ♥  I am very pleased with the comprehensive and high-quality education "🙏  


" Thank you for the training❤, it was certainly a full and complete education, which is great and our professional. Thank you to Siiri, I am very grateful and motivated as a result of my new skills . “

Petra T

“At first, I had doubts about how it would be possible to learn the whole microblading course this way, but Siiri made the material really easy to understand. The best decision I made was to attend SharpBrows and Siiri's training, many thanks to her! It was an unforgettable experience! ”


“Thanks for the training The training was very good, the instructions were really practical and I believe in learning when watching how the procedure is actually done. Siiri is calm, pleasant and knowledgeable as a trainer. Really positive and nice of experience!”


“The training was very good even though the amount of material is great! :) Practical live procedure videos also helped a lot.”


“Training exceeded my expectations. A sincere calm and patient attitude makes learning easy. And all the steps of doing the procedure were explained in detail, so that nothing was left unclear. Siiri is very accurate and professional as a trainer. Thanks a thousand times!”


“The training was very good and comprehensive, all the mateiral was very well presented. It was much more than I had originally expected. I would also like to emphasize that I will continue to take Everyoung’s trainings because I have faith in the  ideology and ethics of the company. I know that I will get good and sufficient information and support will continue after the training. This is extremely wonderful and I really appreciate it! Also, support people are just awesome and yes I have always mentioned with pride that I am a SharpBrows artist! I would like to say that I fully trust Siiri as a trainer and I value her insane skills and dedication. She is fully committedand I can count on her to get support and help with my questions. I've also always liked the honest and open atmosphere that she creates, I am happy I was able to learn from the best. “

Petra Tu

"Hello 😍 I have to thank Siiri for the training. I remember at the beginning it took me the whole weekend to get started. I practiced drawing brows until late at night and continued in the morning 😂 Now, I've been practicing and I have followed all the instructions and it has worked out very well 👌  Now, the business has been very good throughout the year from the beginning, customers are coming to be, even if the distance is great. I have been very happy that I found this training👌  👌. I've been able to break away from another job and I am able to do this as my main source of income. It was a dream, a vision when I first started. Now it is reality 🙀👌   I was surprised one day when my phone began to ring and mailbox was flooded with messages from people wanting to book my microblading service. Then I heard that some clients had asked somewhere on the Facebook in a group about microblading and my name came up at least 15 times. So the cause of the message flood was clear👌  I'm so happy🙈 Thanks for the training! 😍 😍 😍 "

Salla V

“The Sharpbrows Light microblading training was very well designed and the production of the training materials is excellent. As a trainer, Siiri is really accurate and tells me honestly and clearly what and how to do things differently. I am also very thankful for the marketing advice, I got a lot of help in getting started as a microblading artist. During the chat I had lots of laughter and received a great deal of good energy. Thanks for the raining! 🙏  😍 "
Veera S