LuxeOmbre Brows 


Billed annnually

LuxeOmbre is a new and natural way to make Ombre style brows. Very popular training that is taking over the world because the huge drop in starter-kit prices. Hugely popular for correcting old microblading and heavier pigmentation that can is harder to correct with ordinary microblading. This is the second generation of this training solution, available for 12 months after joining.



Video material and workbooks

The complete training program is composed of over 2 hours of video material and 20+ pages of workbooks.


Structure of the training

  1. Theory and background

    • What machines can be used.

    • What is the correct speed for different areas.

    • Brow shape of LuxeOmbre - mapping and measuring.

    • Filling techniques: one direction, back and forth.

    • Filling in the brow by layering.

  2. Practical video demonstration.

    • How to take the before and after pictures.

    • Mapping the brows and checking symmetry.

    • Filling in the brow shape with the LuxeOmbre technique.

  3. Live procedures.

  4. Workbook (LuxeOmbre workbook).


Business Perspective

Length of the procedure: 1 h; perspective sales price: 300-600€; expenses per procedure: 10-15€.


Starter Kit*

LuxeOmbre Workbook, LuxeOmbre wireless machine (the exact same machine the trainer is using), 2 LuxeOmbre pigments (15 ml each). Dark and Light, Golden Ratio Measuring tool, Anesthetic cream, 3 x practicing skin, 10 needle cartridges. Picture of the starter kit.

Price of the starter kit for students: 299€.
*-Starter kit is available to buy for students only.


Certification and the certificate

The training price includes online live consulting with the trainer and assessment. After successful assessment the student gets an official LuxeOmbre Brow Styling certificate. Training price includes a high-quality certificate (A3 format) mailed to the student (worldwide).


Actual results

Here you can see actual results of the LuxeOmbre procedure completed by Everyoung trainers and students.