Hyaluron Expert


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Haluron Expert is a complete training about skin, ageing, hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers and devices used fro applying those. It contains information and techniques of using medical and cosmetic hydrator devices, hyaluron pen and related procedures. This is the second generation of this training solution, available for 12 months after joining.


HyaluronExpert is a brand that belongs to Everyoung. Hyaluronpen Academy is a contractor of Everyoung (under partnership contract).

Video material and workbooks

The complete training program is composed of over 12 hours of video material and 70+ pages of workbooks.


Structure of the training

  1. Complete theory and background

    • Ageing of the skin, bone and muscle.

    • Changes in the facial area and inside the skin.

    • Functionality and structure of the collagen network and hyaluronic acid.

    • Life cycle and functions of natural hyaluronic acid, sources of the hyaluronic acid.

    • Dermal fillers and more specifically non-permanent hyaluronic acid based fillers.

    • Mono-phasic and bi-phasic molecular structure.

    • Application of dermal fillers.

    • Full procedure with the hyaluron pen decides.

    • Before and after the procedure guidelines.

    • Reactions of the cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecule, retention and drying of skin.

    • Lip mapping technique, filler choice for the procedure.

    • Full procedure description all stages (filling from the inside of the lip, from the outside of the lip, contouring).

    • Treatment of nasolabial folds.

    • Treating of forehead wrinkles.

    • Nose enhancement procedure.

    • Dangers of hyaluronic acid related procedures with different devices (occlusion, necroses, Tyndall effect, nerve damage, etc).

    • Legal aspects related to the treatment and the device.

    • Marketing of the service, restrictions.

  2. Practical video demonstration.

    • Using of different hyaluron pen devices, dermal fillers that can be used with the devices.

    • Full lip procedure with the medical hyaluron pen.

    • Nasolabial folds treatment procedure.

    • Forehead wrinkles treatment procedure.

    • Videos of injection techniques (pocket technique, treating different areas).

    • Nose enhancement procedure.

  3. Live procedure recordings.

  4. Workbooks (Hyaluron Expert workbook, Lip mapping and filling workbook ).


Business Perspective

Length of the procedure: 15-30 min; perspective sales price: 200-400€; expenses per procedure: 50-100€.


Starter Kit*

Starter kit prices depend on the device bought from our product partner company.

Price of the starter kit for students: 299-699€.
*-Starter kit is available to buy for students only.


Certification and the certificate

The training price includes online live consulting with the trainer and assessment. After successful assessment the student gets an official Hyaluron Expert certificate. Training price includes a high-quality certificate (A4 format) mailed to the student (worldwide).


Actual results

Here you can see actual results of the Hyaluron pen device treatments by students.


Some feedback from students

To have the training in my home it can’t be better. I really love it! I love the support, because you don’t feel like you are alone in this trip, they help me with all the questions that I had. I definitely recommend online training to any one who doesn’t have the time to get out of country or doesn’t have the time to take actual clases. You can get all the knowledge you need in this online training.


I absolutely love the lessons and knowledge I am learning. The online class is very handy between being a busy and my other side gig. So I am grateful to have this right at my fingertips and having chosen Everyoung for the schooling. Thank you again!


Just love it! A very good training! It was perfect, I love the procedure videos and getting feedback fast!


Hyaluron pen training has been so engaging with all the information and videos and the support has been second to none. If I had any questions they were always answered promptly. The videos as your able to watch them time and time again. Also all the updates, everything from the literature and videos are always being updated all the time and keeping everything current within the industry. The support was second to none. Every single question I asked was responded quickly and accordingly. And I would certainly recommend that to my friends - 1000% yes, you guys go above and beyond to help support and guide your students that have enrolled on your course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching such an amazing course in detail and passing on your knowledge to your students to take on this skill confidently. I wish you all the best. Keep doing what your doing 😊 


Thank you so much!! I’m learning so much and love the training.  Hope to finish and take test this week or next. 😊✨


I think the training I am getting on hyaluron Pen worth all the praise and more. I am glad I didn't signed up with another company and the people whom I talk to before signing up from the company was super helpful and helped answer my question so it was easy to choose the training :) 


The materials are well written and I could understand everything wery well. I liked specially all the theory part. Really full of information :) 


I love the instructors in the training videos  and the information they are sharing are absolutely helpful. I really like the videos. I felt like I was taking a live training.  I like that the lessons are not rushed. And I love the fact that I can take the class anywhere; in my own pace, in my own time. I am confident with the learning materials and because of that I know that I have gained the knowledge and skills that I need to be a successful Hyaluron Pen Artist. The marketing materials: logos, profile pics and so on are a huge bonus! I love them! I am so thankful I found your training academy. I love everything about the training. The online video training materials (especially the procedure videos) are most helpful. Watching the videos made me feel like I was taking a live training. Anytime I need assistance or have any inquiries, I always get answers. The support is pretty fast as well. I usually get a response within 24 hours, even on weekends. I would certainly recommend that to my friends - it’s the best and original Hyaluron Pen Academy indeed!


I am loving the Hyaluron Pen Online training. I love that I am learning everything from the comfort of my home. I also love that I can go on my own pace and learn the material in depth. I can also go back and re-watch something I didn’t really understand and get a better understanding. I also love how detailed the videos are! I found everything useful. Each component that they offer in the online training has its importance. It is very detailed and understanding. I also like how people are asking many FAQ’s and they are answering them in the videos. Very natural and beneficial. I would definitely recommend this training to a friend and I already have! 


I would like to start off by saying this course has been amazing and I am learning so much! I am just finishing up the marketing and legal videos but I am almost done. I feel ready, I have written all notes and watched all videos just need to finish Legal and Marketing. Thank you!


It was simple and easy to learn. Chemistry was not familiar to me, but it was very interesting and necessary to go through this.


I am absolutely blessed to have taken the Everyoung Hyaluron Pen technician online course. The online course is hands down professional and thorough. I love how I am able to go back through the videos and all the trainings at anytime I like. Every lesson is clear and very easy to understand. The information is intense. On going support 24/7. I Highly recommend Everyoung to anyone who is interested in taking the Hyaluron Pen Course. I am so happy I chose Everyoung!


The support team is very responsive and informative and I’m happy with their support on all my inquiries. Many thanks!


The training was very informative especially the videos that went through each topic thoroughly.  Having the students present was useful as questions were asked at various stages, some of which I would have asked myself.  The videos were easy to follow and although some were quite long they held your attention.  It was good to have the theory repeated as this is very important and needs to be understood so you can do the procedures safely, correctly and are knowledgeable for any clients questions.  I am just coming to the end of my training as I have taken my time over all the information supplied to ensure I fully understand it.  I now feel confident to get started and are looking forward to providing this treatment to clients. I especially liked the theory and treatment videos.  It was easier to learn this way for me, visually seeing the treatment taking place and listening to instructions. I haven’t actually requested support but I did get very quick feedback when I was enquiring about the course.


I absolutely loved your online training.There was so much information and above all I loved the training videos. The trainers explaining it all made it so easy to understand and it just helped me to get a deep understanding of the hayluron pen treatment and all that comes with it. The training videos were amazing. Whenever I messaged the trainers, they always replied even when I had silly questions hehe. Most definitely I recommend this training to my friends.


The content of the training covers everything that i need to know about hyaluron pen. It saved me from traveling around the world to attend physical training. I am confident to perform simple hyaluron procedures. Thank you! Theoretical aspect of the training is well presented. The aspects related to technics. product and pen knowledge are most useful in this training. It helps that you understand what you are doing and what are the reasons of such procedure. Mapping is very very helpful in achieving a quality result. I also liked the support - feel like i attended a physical training.


The training is very comprehensive and detailed. Much more information than the hands on training I recieved in my country. The mapping was the most useful, in my mind.  I have already recommended that training to others. :)


I liked my training a lot, I felt that it has really helped me learn the mechanics of the pen, about fillers and how they work, about safety, about proper technique and about how to handle clients; I recently had the opportunity to practice on a client and had everything I needed to feel confident and knowledgable. The best was learning the pocket technique, marketing strategies, learning about fillers, the legal aspects basically everything in every video :) I also always had a fast response from support. I will 100% recommend this training to anyone who wants to get into this area of service. Thank you so much for offering this course.


This is my second Hyaluron Pen Online training so I can compare. First one I took with the Germany company that seems not knowing what they do, you won’t learn mapping or contouring, showing only nasolabial folds and lips and the price is about 10 times more expensive. I have received 10000 times more information here and I can't believe it. Your videos are the most professional ones, it is so detailed explained about mapping, techniques, complications, other treatments besides lips and nasolabial so there is no chance to have questions after.  After taking this class and using new technique my clients are so Happy and I am in love with this technique more and more. After so many researches I realised that there is no one who can be better then Everyoung . Thank you! There is nothing that can be better. Most useful were details that are given especially about mapping, hyaluronic acid structure how it works, also understanding how hyalonic acid works it is important. When I needed an answer I was contacted back in a really short time. I already share about my experience with students that we have taken from Germany and it that was totally different and a lot of money. I am so thankful for finding this class that made me feeling more comfortable to do this treatments and understand more how this technique works.


I really enjoyed the training, it was great to be able to work at my own pace and go back to re watch things that I wanted more clarification on.  The in-depth discussion on the ageing process, the different types of fillers monophasic or biphasic I found to be the most valuable. It was extremely informative 😊. You leave the students feeling confident in dealing with any questions their clients might have. I was able to email and had my questions promptly answered, even considering the time change. I was pleased   I would absolutely recommend that training to others 💯% would highly recommend to anyone looking for the BEST online training!


I love how it walks you step by step through the process to explain everything to you. I also really like how it explains how the pen works without needles. The best were the videos showing actual use of the pen. All my questions are answered in a timely manner. I already have recommended that training to my friends!