Co-trainer concept


Everyoung Corporation is constantly looking for co-trainers, who shall represent the brand and train exclusively in a certain area. The concept of co-trainers is very simple:

1. There is just one co-trainer in a concrete region (depending on the country, it can be the whole country or a region).

2. Co-trainers arrange live training that includes the starter kits and online training themselves as separate business entities.

3. The price of the startup solution (kit + online training) drops for co-trainers constantly over time.

The best co-trainers of Everyoung have had over 500 students and have built beautiful careers in the beauty business. Please keep in mind that only Everyoung students can apply to become a co-trainer. (For example, if you wish to become a LuxeOmbre Brow procedure co-trainer, you have to take the LuxeOmbre Brows training first etc.)

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